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I MADE $3012CC 10in1 NEW circle JPEG SMALL  UPDATE PS FANCY LOGO full 10-12 9     MAKE MONEY on the Side  – Easy-Sell Top Marketing Packages…Internet advertising is quickly replacing the old guard print ad including Phone Book, Newspaper and even direct mail is not what it used to be… It used to be that one could simply run a large ad in the Yellow Pages Phone Book and coast the rest of the year, but that is no longer true as people are going to the internet now.

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The problem is that there are so many aspects to the internet, from webpages – that must be ‘optimized – to social media to email marketing to mobile. It takes a combination of these different intertnet platforms to bring response close to that of the old print. 


The good news is that internet marketing is less expensive than the old print ads but businesses don’t know where to go or what platforms to use.


That’s where Coupon Country comes in.   Businesses must be educated and directed to the new media.  Coupon Country and Yellow Pages Coupons have spent the last several years researching and implementing the new media and they’ve put together a very cost-effective package which includes all the important new ad media.



They call it the ‘INFINITY 5-in-1 Package.’ For less $100/month we will implement all these media for a business: – OPTIMIZED WEBPAGE – EMAIL BLASTS – TEXT BLASTS – FACEBOOK, TWITTER Presence – Mobile Marketing – Coupon Apps – Other integral software


Coupon Country also offers full blown optimized websites and individual Facebook fan pages for only $97/month, each, as well as still-effective low-cost direct mail coupon book mailers. Businesses are at a loss right now, leaving a major opportunity for us during the internet marketing’s infancy. You can take advantage of this ‘open market.’ Coupon Country pay’s a full 33% commission (ongoing). Training is easy, Leads and testimonials may be provided as well as materials. Selling can be done via internet or in person


FOR MORE INFO please contact Burt @ 925-284-7168 or 925-788-3316

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Find san francisco advertising, bay area marketing,
advertising in san francisco,berkeley marketing, san francisco advertising agencies, san francisco advertising agency, bay area advertising,

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How To Advertise Your Business , Cheap Ways to Advertise

How To Advertise Your Business , Cheap Ways to Advertise

Search Engine Optimization and Keywords Keys to Success!

*GUARANTEE First Page Google*

Best Internet Marketing Tools,

Keyword Search Engine Optimization

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It used to be that a   business would  simply run an ad in the ‘Yellow Pages’  Phone Book and maybe a  small newspaper ad or  two  – and that took care of the marketing.   Phone Book advertising represented over 75% of a business’ ad budget  That was then.


Today, phone book and newspaper – the traditional ad media – have  been largely relegated to a slice or two of a   Segmented  ‘Advertising Pie’.  Make that two pies.  Call it a puzzle if you will: Try to choose the right pieces and fit them into their slots, whether it be in the online pie  or the offline pie of Marketing 2012. Right there, you may already have questions as to   differences between and within online and offline and which to implement for your business. To complicate things further,  you can take those two pies and make each slice into its own pie of sub-pieces (subsets).  Who said New Marketing is easy?

The good news is that ‘new marketing’  can be much less expensive  and just as effective -or moreso- than those old yellow page and newspaper ads.  But, it will take at least several of the pieces of advertising pie to start bringing in the response like in the ‘olden days’ when print media was king –

and it will be considerably less expensive (yeah!).  The trick for businesses will be to analyze the many different New Marketing segments and choose the right ones – or all of them .

Best Ways to Advertise, Cheap Ways to Advertise —

Each week we will try to focus on one or more of these different pieces of the advertising pie. We will provide 1 )  some basic value tips for savvy ‘do- it- yourselfers’ business owners as well as  2) more in-depth online help for those business people less accomplished when it comes to the internet and website  marketing.

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This Week’s  Feature:



 Choosing  and Implementing

KEYWORD ANALYSIS is the first thing and perhaps most important in determining a business’ Google/search   ranking.  If your SEO (search engine optimization) person doesn’t pick the right words  your business will likely never see the front pages  of Google.

One of the many Online Marketing Platforms (eg Facebook /social marketing is  but one example) is ‘SEO ‘ or Search Engine Optimization, where SEO programers or consultants, such as Coupon Country , use a variety of tools (eg  backlinking,  article marketing,  ‘PING, BLAST AND SYDICATING.’ etc), to name a few. Keyword Analysis  is actually a subset of SEO (See Pie Diagram). SEO   Agencies such as Coupon Country  determine  through   increasingly scientific methods and software, such as our proprietary ‘Keyword Krusher’  the most popular, but less competitive (for advertisers)  ‘search terms’ (or keywords) that people will use when ‘searching’ online  for a business or product like the one you offer.

For Example,  if you have  a carpet cleaning business, one of your search terms might be‘affordable carpet cleaning‘ with the name of the city added, or, perhaps, ‘organic carpet cleaning,’ or maybe ‘upholstery cleaning’ , all less competitive terms than ‘carpet cleaning,’ which you probably don’t want to use if you’re in a city or area with a lot of carpet cleaners. (One can just Google ‘carpet cleaning City‘ to see how many search listings come up just for the term ‘carpet cleaning City’.  Don’t be surprised to see pages and pages. And, if  you’re not going to be on the first page that keyword is probably not worth your investment of time and money.  Coupon Country can help / determine  which popular keywords WILL rank high with its special, propriatary ‘Keyword Finder’ software and expertise.

Best Internet marketing Tools,

Keyword Search Engine Optimization

Have a favorite keyword or want to see how your business can stack up in the scheme of things, ie Google / Searching Engine ranking? Pick up to three keywords or phrases and we will determine if we can get you a FIRST PAGE RANKING, and if we can’t we will suggst some similar or even better , less competitive keywords.

Just give a call or email or sign up below. Pick up to 10 keywards /phrases and we’ll research, choose and implement the best three, most likely to result in a first page Google ranking ($47)


(for only $47/mo.)

  • Your own famous  WordPress Webpage /Landing Page (linked to your site (as desired, if you have a website)

  •  Full Service Search Engine Optimization (SEO) featuring KEYWORD KRUSHER:

  • The Best  Niche Keywords (with low competition) which will help SKYROCKET your site to the front pages of Google and other search engines

  • GUARANTEED Page One Search Ranking with in 1 week for any search term with ‘Coupons’ and city name added or Your Money Back or FREE 3 more keywords optimized





Ideas –  Types of Advertising  –

How To Advertise -Advertising Ideas


Online Advertising is

gradually taking over as the leading advertising media of choice, supplanting print and broadcast. Master the following    from these key elements that go intonew marketing and you probably don’t need offline marketing and will save a lot of money.

BestAdvertising. us and Coupon C0untry do still offer Offline marketing – in fact Coupon country Direct Mail coupon books are the lifeblood of our company – but things are changing fast as you’ll see in the charts below.

New Marketing Simplified – Best SEO features Keyword Krusher– perhaps the most inportant element in SEO – search engine optimization. Get Your Keywords Ranked High – Best Google Keywords,ETC

It used to be that a   business would  simply run an ad in the ‘Yellow Pages’  Phone Book  and that was enough marketing. That was then.

It’s not too late to get ranked high with Google Maps – but you don’t have to go through Google and wait and wait and then probably not get ranked on first page due to the increased competition, plus we’ll throw in 5 Star Reviews and Google Plus for Extra High Ranking tricks

Is Your Website Optimized? Learn the difference between computer optimization and SEO optimization including our cost-effective 6-in-1 Online Marketing Package.

Boost Business 30% with 6-in-1 Online marketing package featuring Text Marketing!

Get the world’s best website, optimized with our 6-in-1 package for only $97


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Advertisement Ideas –  Types of

Advertising  – Advertising Ideas – How To Advertise






How To Advertise Your Business , Cheap Ways to AdvertiseAdvertise