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  1)  WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION determines whether the actual website itself is smoothly functioning; It must have the right balance of content – words, pictures, flash and video – so that pages load quickly and smoothly. How often have you become frustrated waiting for a website to open, so much so that we often leave the website, a potential customer lost to that malfunctioning website. There are other key elements of simple optimization, such as determining the right type of website or blog for one’s business, the size, target market , etc.     2)  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  – As important as is website optimization, ‘SEO,’ as its known In the tech business, IS ever so critical. As much as a company puts into building its website, it should spend a lot more on SEO, as this is the key to bringing new potential customers to one’s website via the search engines, thus Search Engine Optimization. The goal is for a business to be found as high up as possible on Google and other Search Engine pages when people look for particular businesses, product s or services, using key search terms, or keywords.   There is so much that goes into the process of Search Engine Optimization, from determining the best , matching search terms (keywords); this alone can be a daunting task, determining whether one wants to buck potential heavy competition with general words, or go for less – competitive ’niche’ keywords or phrases.   KAUFMAN ADVERTISING 1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-422-6876) (925)284-7168  Then there are other elements to SEO, including the ever –important ‘backlinks,’ getting large numbers of related websites and directories to ‘link back’ to one’s site. Social marketing has become very big in SEO, vying with email as a way of directly reaching out as an aggressive form of marketing, rather than a passive one.Of course, basic SEO musn’t be overlooked, the use of Search-engine friendly ‘meta-tags’ including the ever-important headline, description, and, again, keywords. The latter dovetails with simple website optimization , the number and length of keywords and phrases, the requisite photos and videos for which Google ‘bots’ and other ‘spiders’ crawl . [risk_free_order_box_1]30 Day Money-Back Guarantee[/risk_free_order_box_1]

A Webpage Optimized 24/7 with latest ‘Ping, Blast, Syndicate’ technology that will generally climb to 1st Page Google for popular keyword searches. If you already have a website this webpage will serve as a ‘LANDING PAGE’ which will drive traffic to your website.

+ Email Blasts Weekly to our Large and Continually Growing Propriatary List of Coupon users and Buyers

Text Blasts Weekly, similar to email blasts, above, but with even higher redemption rate.

+ and much more. SEE BONUS BELOW

[high_impact_btn_sign_up_now link=”” + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_sign_up_now] SEO is an ongoing and time-consuming activity, can be costly but necessary. For example, backlinking must be a slow and steady process, as search engines don’t want to see a sudden influx of links and then nothing. Automated SEO IS being done now, but there is some question how effective it is; Google and other sophisticated ‘spiders’ look for organic, natural, manual backlinking. If one gets by with automated SEO it could be only a matter of time before the SEARCH ENGINES figure out the new ways people will try to beat the competition and save time with ‘cutting edge ’ SEO, or so one may believe until they get ‘shut down’ by the search engines, which can happen.   Then there is ‘pay per click’ marketing, most popularized by Google ‘Adwords. This can get expensive and a good way to lose a chunk of money unless one really knows what they’re doing.   Coupon Country has been a leading cost-effective ‘marriage mail’ marketing firm and has spent the past couple years learning ‘the ropes’ of SEO as print advertising transitions to internet; Internet marketing is now the No. 1, most popular advertising medium for both businesses and consumers, followed by direct mail, and Coupon Country features both media in a ‘2-in-1 Top-rated Marketing’ package , as it bills itself. While most SEO firms charge upwards of $500-$2,000 per month to optimize a website, Coupon



KAUFMAN ADVERTISING 1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-422-6876) (925)284-7168 Country offers a unique program , where it will either link your existing website to an optimized ‘landing page’ on one of its master sites, or build a cost-effective, optimized ‘mini’website for you, for a fraction of the cost others charge. Remember, it’s the SEO that is most important. [high_impact_btn_sign_up_now link=”” + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_sign_up_now]   BEST ONLINE MARKETING and Coupon Country would rather save one money on the website and do a bang-up SEO job than vice versa. For as little as $50 a month, Coupon Country generally achieves 1st Page Google Ranking for most of its clients for popular search terms, via its key, master discount-oriented websites. Now that expensive print advertising-including competitive Phone Directory Advertising and newspaper advertising- have dropped off significantly in effectiveness and popularity , Businesses can actually reduce their advertising budgets now and get better results with effective SEO-website marketing Best Online and COUPON COUNTRY offer a FREE DEMO to show you how it can bring your website to the fore, usually within a couple weeks. Visit these sites and/or Call 1-888-4-A-WEBPAGE (1-888-429-9327) for more info . But, whatever you do, be sure to include SEO in your marketing plans.   [divider_line_dashed]Insert Your Text Here[/divider_line_dashed]


Not only do you get a FULLY OPTIMIZED WEBSITE BUT YOU GET THE ENTIRE 6-IN-1 PACKAGE INCLUDING WEEKLY EMAIL BLASTS TO OUR PROPRIATARY  LIST OF COUPON USERS AND BUYERS!   JUST CLICK THE YELLOW BUTTON AND YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY TO THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE. We will follow up with a simple agreement  asking for your  basica ad info, then follow up with an ‘proof’ and have you LIVE on the INTERNET in days!


‘Ive received almost as many redeemed internet coupons from which is included free- as from the CouponCountry mailers. -Farhan, ACE Smog ‘Just got in my first bunch of redeemed internet coupons this week, plus all the mailed ones. Love it! – Tina, A2z ALTERATIONS’ ‘My Top 2 advertising media, both great on their own- direct mail and internet. We’re opening a new store and can’t wait to employ Coupon Country and YellowPagesCoupons. – Eren, Auto “The only Advertising that has really worked for us in 40 years. I made $276,000 one year off a $3,000 investment!” -Tom kessler, Bel Aire Sunrooms




[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30/60/90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]Add We’re so sure you will find  the 6-in-1 Internet Marketing Package to your liking that we will GUARANTEE 30 DAYS during which you may opt out at any time, no questions asked! [/guarantee_box_1]

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Once you click the yellow button you will be taken to Paypal where you can pay by credit card or paypal. You will be asked to pay for one month of $47.   Then, once you are pleased with the program  you will be billed $47 monthly thru same  screen. ONCE YOU SIGN UP YOU WILL RECEIVE A SIMPLE  AGREEMENT FORM WHERE YOU MAY INCLUDE YOUR BUSINESS BENEFITS , PICTURE / LOGO (JPEG) AND COUPON INFO,  .  If any questions please feel free to call us  at 1-888-422-6876 or 925-284-7168

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