Would you trust these strangers to drive you somewhere? This is one of the better ads… 

Radio Commercials Getting Worse, Longer – Uber, Web.com don’t inspire


Anyone notice that some radio stations are running
More commercials than ever and some pretty bad
And misleading ones?
It was reported the other day that KGO radio in San Francisco
is running 18 and 19 minutes of commercials an hour- that’s almost
33% of radio time. Perhaps , to make up for their lowest than
ever ratings… since new ownership got rid of most of their
talk show hosts, who had help down the top rated station in SF
for some 20 years.


KOIT just fired it’s long time top DJ, Mr. Kulp, and another SF station
fired long time local legend Don Bleu last week. What’s going on?
It’s certainly not going to help the ratings… sounds more like
a desperation move to pay bills.
What’s worse some of the ‘spots’ as they’re called are inane
and/or misleading. First, there’s the Genucel ad for puffy eyes.
Over and over on every Cumulus station. Hope it really works.


Even worse are the Uber and Web.com spots, in our opinion.


Who would actually ride in a car with one of these part-time drivers
with no real ‘taxi’ experience? It’s one thing to drive yourself
around but another to deal with personalities in the seat behind you.
But, just the tone of the commercial. ‘You make more money and work
less hours’ as told my weak-sounding millennials.   Will never forget the time famed author David Halberstam took a last minute ride with a college student and it was the last ride he would ever take… Nothing against students or millenials but I would prefer a fully-trained driver , such as a truck driver who has to go through rigorous training. True, that taxi drivers probably aren’t much better, but I think they ARE even better, more experienced, mature and used to dealing with passengers


Web.com tells us of a client who had to ‘take on more staff’ due to
the sudden onslaught of business from the new $99 website.
Anybody who knows websites and website building knows that it now
usually takes upwards of 6 months to start ranking high on
Google. It sounds like the business owner in question just signed
for Web.com and is instantly making money….