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Dear Marketer,

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Traffic and rankings are the number one problem that Internet marketers face. Without them an online marketer has no business so it is a constant battle to get more traffic and to get ranking quickly.

There are many guides promising to show you how to do this but they either cost the earth or are incredibly difficult to do, requiring specific technical information and abilities or expensive tools.

What if there was a way for you to increase your traffic and get your new sites indexed rapidly and it didn’t have to cost you a penny?

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Wordpress Users…

From: Andy Fletcher

Do you blog to make money?

If you blog to make money, I’m about to show you a few tricks you can do with a simple plugin that will send your traffic and income through the roof…

By the time you finish reading this letter I’ll show you how to…

*Instantly build backlinks and HUGE surges of traffic to your blog…
*Automatically build DEEP one-way links to propel your blog to the top of the search engines…
*How to turn 10 auto-blogs into 150+ with the click of a button…
*AND accomplish this all on 100% autopilot…

And that’s just scratching the surface…

We blog for one reason…

To make money.

Yes, you want to provide your readers with great content.

You want to build relationships. But ultimately, you’re in it for the money…

And the SINGLE most difficult thing about making money with a blog is TRAFFIC…

You know as well as I do, without traffic you’re dead in the water.

So the question is, how do you get that traffic?

How do you get top SEO rankings? How do you get subscribers and ultimately traffic that makes you money?

The world’s top bloggers and marketers know this…

Creating content is tough enough...

Building links, commenting on other blogs, submitting your articles and syndicating your content… Driving traffic is HARD work…

WP-Syndicator automates a HUGE amounts of promotional work… You could spend well over an hour per blog post doing the work that WP-Syndicator does automatically…

Automation is CRITICAL…

And if you aren’t automating your business with tools and software, you can bet your competition is…

And making an absolute killing in the process…

Here’s something you should already be doing…

Syndicating your content to the top web 2.0 properties and leveraging their traffic and powerful link juice to drive traffic back to your own blog…

They have TONS of traffic, they provide extremely valuable backlinks and they’re free publicity…

And that’s where WP-Syndicator comes in.

You simply install the wordpress plugin…

Once you make a post, it automatically goes around to the top web 2.0 websites and tactfully promotes your blog…

It’s fast, simple and effective.

Now, these are sites that you should be taking advantage of, because it’s massive free promotion – Meaning huge amounts of targeted visitors to your blog…

And until WP-Syndicator, that meant either outsourcing or spending a few hours per post promoting your blog yourself…

I’ve hand picked the sites WP-Syndicator uses…

I didn’t want to create a “spam” tool, these are all sites were blog promotion is welcome and even encouraged, so this plugin is 100% “whitehat”…

These sites provide instant traffic and EXTREMELY valuable backlinks…

They provide high quality deep links to every single post.

A lot of bloggers make a HUGE mistake and spend too much time promoting their main domain and not enough time promoting individual posts…

So after awhile, when new content is added the old posts, because there aren’t enough direct links to them, they start to lose search engine traffic.

WP-Syndicator solves that problem.

Your WordPress blog posts will be indexed and in the search engines in lightning fast time, usually in just a few hours or less…

The WordPress plugin is simple to install…

You simply take 5 minutes to input your account information, and continue to post to your blog as normal…

Now every time you post, WP-Syndicator automatically promotes your blog at sites such as…

And more sites are added on a regular basis… These places all have MASSIVE amounts of traffic ready to be tapped into…

On the regular blog sites, like, it puts your blog post up with an excerpt, of user definable length, and a keyword targeted link back to your blog.

It automatically integrates with the API, so you don’t even need to bother shortening your URL for Twitter and the other micro-blogs…

On the micro-blogs (such as Twitter) it posts the first 120 characters of your blog title, along with a link back to your post automatically shortened with

That’s a LOT of free exposure!

The free exposure from doing this by hand is well worth the effort…

But it used to mean several hours of tedious work every single time you posted.

Now it’s simply uploading a plugin, once it’s installed, it promotes every post automatically (unless you set it to manual syndication)…

A split second of work for tons of free traffic and backlinks… If you’ve struggled with finding the time to promote your blog…

If you want to see more targeted traffic to your blog and higher rankings for the keywords of your choosing…

WP-Syndicator is the answer.

You simply upload to your blog like you would any plugin…

Step 1: You create accounts (or use your existing ones) at the sites you wish to syndicate to (Takes 5-10 minutes).

Step 2: Configure the plugin. You can tell it to syndicate your old content and let it know if you want automatic or manual syndication for future posts (Takes less than 5 minutes).

Step 3: Everytime you post your content is syndicated to the top 15 web 2.0 sites, resulting in high quality backlinks, rapid indexing, deeplinking and instant traffic…

Now here’s where it gets really powerful…

It Automatically Syndicates Your Content Across High Authority Sites… Instantly pointing high quality links and instant traffic to EVERY post on your blog…
It Creates Backlinks With Your Keywords As Anchor Text… The keywords you use in your links are EXTREMELY important to your SEO presence, with WP-Syndicator you can manually insert keywords or choose to allow the software to automatically extract them from your posts…

Here’s something REALLY cool…

This is VERY powerful…

If you’ve ever setup a network of auto-blogs you know how effective they can be…

WP-Syndicator can be configured to automatically syndicate your autoblogs with every single post…

We’re talking blogs that build and promote themselves…

And THAT is powerful… WORDPRESS PLUGIN for WordPress Blogging

Imagine having dozens or even hundreds of blogs automatically growing and promoting themselves on 100% auto-pilot day after day, year after year…

That’s some SERIOUS link juice, and you can use that power to rank any websites you want to…

If you’re worried that you may be getting a little too crazy with your wordpress auto-blogs, you can “throttle” the plugin to only syndicate the amount of content that you choose…

TESTIMONIALS SAMPLE... wordpress plugins…

Hi Andy,

I have to tell you that WP Syndicator is absolute awesome. I’ve been testing it out on a couple of my blogs, and I’m “way” impressed by the results. It’s been a key part of getting my blogs indexed fast… my latest was indexed in 2 days by Google, and in less than a week it had made it to page 2 for a MAJOR keyword.

WP Syndicator has worked perfectly, and of all the things it does, it really brings the “traffic surges” just like you say.

I’m going to add it to my traffic program because it is that good. Thanks again for the great plugin.

Wayne Sharer

Hi Andy,

Well done on the WP Syndicator! It only took me less than 20 minute to setup all the web2.0 sites and integrate them into plugin.

Now my blog automatically generate bonus backlinks whenever I have a new post by syndicating them. Beside that, it also help to get my blog post indexed faster by Google.

Well done on this plugin and I’m looking forward to more stuff from you!

Winson Yeung



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