Obama Anti-business – 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama

Obama Anti-Business: 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama


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11 JUST IN…. ‘ABAG’ Movement, little known by many of us, is a movement of community organizers, of which Obama
is very involved, to recircuit Suburban funding to cities. This has largely been done behind the scenes until
/ if Obama gets elected second term and then you will see major changes, including more mandatory ‘affordable housing’
required of suburbs…

12) oBAMA WON’T MEET LEADERS – Here Obama has a great opportunity to make points by meeting with international leaders
and won’t make time for Israel’s Netenyahu and, now, I guess, to be fair, he’s apparently turned down the leader
of Egypt. Why not try to get them both in a room together?

13) 9-23- Now from Chris Steven’s diary, Stevens had admitted fear that security was not good in Libya but yet
nothing was ever done about it…and NOW our government is fearful to even let the FBI into Ben Gazi to do Hilary’s ‘investigation’ . They should have never had Stevens there if if was that dangerous

14) We now learn the our state ministery is negotiating with Egypt for releast of ‘The Blind Sheik,’ repsonsible for the
first World Trade Boombing!

15) 9-24 Obama calls recent events in the Middle East, ie the Killing of the U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens and three
others in his team, as well as international protests against the U.S. on 9/11 as mere’ Bumps In The Road.”

16) 830 billion dollars – 2008 increase in national debt due to stimulus, 1.3 trillion dollars – 2010 increase/
Obama claims he inherited largest debpt in history. Not true. War year 1945 was 5 billion, 2008 was 3 billion
and current is 10 billion, by far the highest

17) Obama: ‘I haven’t raised taxes”s. No, you didnt technically raise them, but ( 60 Minutes never fact checked Obama…)
Note top Obama:when you lower capital gains, govt brings in more revenue.

18) Obama’s 2 claims to fame are ‘Bailing out General Motors’ and ‘Killing BinLaden. Maybe, but GM now wants out of
the agreement which has the Govt owning part of GM (Has GM paid back all the bailout loan) and Obama
didn’t kill Bil Laden… Bin Laden was klled after a Pakistani , mad at Bin Laden, spilled the beans and bin Laden
didn’t really fight it..

19) 9/25 Obama addresses the United Nations, reversing the ‘company line’ that theLMiddle East outburst was NOT
so much a terrorist uprising but it WAS S the result of the little Youtube video released in July. He then goes
on to apologize, again, for the film (even though he says the government has nothing to do with it. Doesn’t he
know by now, after over 2,000 years of history that you don’t try to reason with Arab countries. Instead,
he’s made things worse by being weak. Instead of backing Israel more and meeting with it’s Prime Minister
Netenyaho he cowtows to the other Arab countries including Iran, whose leader, who promises to destroy Israel.
Tnen, Obama has time to go on the View TV gossip program and tell them he’s there as ‘eye candy’ for the women. Meanwhile, Clinton and Susan Rice ¬†are waffling on the issue…
Meanwhile, Madonna is cheering on her leftist followers, praising Obama as our ‘black Muslim leader.’

20) $80 BILLION+ cOST TO TAXPAYERS FOR Food Stamps (50% increase since Bush)
$668 Billion for Welfare (41% increase since Bush) (126 different entitlement programs)
That averages to $20,610 for every poor person or $61,830 per every family of 3 or more
The Printing Pre$$eS Are Running! Yet the US is Twice as Poor as when Obama took office!
Something Must Be Wrong! (Sources: Washington Times (6-24-12), Scribd.com (4-11-12)

I think it’s important to look beyond what we see and hear in the media for possible ulterior motives, especially in this election year, ie the Libyan killing was NOT likelybecause of some independent little video but a well-planned execution aimed at the 9/11/12 anniversary.
And I’m not really a Romney supporter either, but if this kind of stuff continues… I don’t know.

I heard a self-acknowledged black conservative ono the radio today (9/20) who really brought clarity to me for the first time. He noted how the Obama administration basically acquires and keeps it’s heavy minority and poor followers by giving them what they want, ie food stamps, welfare, etc , especially when it comes to election time. Food stamps, welfare, etc. equates to votes. The sudden new monthly bailouts, coming
right before the election are no doubt intended to give a quick shot to the economy in hopes of (artificially) raising the economy just before the election FOR VOTES!. You don’t hear
Obama saying much about self-sufficiency any more, ie we can’t expect to build businesses, get jobs, etc. without the help of the government! Think about it!

So, too many things to ignore here — and within such a short period – and time to really be concerned and speak out, in my opinion, or we could not only lose Israel but our country quicker and easier than you might ever believe. It’s easy to become jaded these days and not take seriously the killing of our localbrethren like Chris Stephens and overlook even more serious threats to Israel and ourselves,only minutes away from happening. So much for my soapbox. Perhaps I’m over-reacting, or
maybe it’s not having watched TV and the news for a long time and seeing how things havechanged…even the commercials! Maybe I’m wrong, but, if not, it would be good to see more people speak out. Anyway, hoping for more positive news and events on all fronts
and hope to see some more of it soon.

Obama Anti-business – 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama