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I MADE $3012CC 10in1 NEW circle JPEG SMALL  UPDATE PS FANCY LOGO full 10-12 9     MAKE MONEY on the Side  – Easy-Sell Top Marketing Packages…Internet advertising is quickly replacing the old guard print ad including Phone Book, Newspaper and even direct mail is not what it used to be… It used to be that one could simply run a large ad in the Yellow Pages Phone Book and coast the rest of the year, but that is no longer true as people are going to the internet now.

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The problem is that there are so many aspects to the internet, from webpages – that must be ‘optimized – to social media to email marketing to mobile. It takes a combination of these different intertnet platforms to bring response close to that of the old print. 


The good news is that internet marketing is less expensive than the old print ads but businesses don’t know where to go or what platforms to use.


That’s where Coupon Country comes in.   Businesses must be educated and directed to the new media.  Coupon Country and Yellow Pages Coupons have spent the last several years researching and implementing the new media and they’ve put together a very cost-effective package which includes all the important new ad media.



They call it the ‘INFINITY 5-in-1 Package.’ For less $100/month we will implement all these media for a business: - OPTIMIZED WEBPAGE – EMAIL BLASTS – TEXT BLASTS – FACEBOOK, TWITTER Presence – Mobile Marketing – Coupon Apps – Other integral software


Coupon Country also offers full blown optimized websites and individual Facebook fan pages for only $97/month, each, as well as still-effective low-cost direct mail coupon book mailers. Businesses are at a loss right now, leaving a major opportunity for us during the internet marketing’s infancy. You can take advantage of this ‘open market.’ Coupon Country pay’s a full 33% commission (ongoing). Training is easy, Leads and testimonials may be provided as well as materials. Selling can be done via internet or in person


FOR MORE INFO please contact Burt @ 925-284-7168 or 925-788-3316

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Find san francisco advertising, bay area marketing,
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Broadcast Your Banner to

Millions of Internet Surfers

The idea Broadcast Your Banner to Millions of Internet Surfersof this system is to create the biggest possible

network of sites with your banner on.

To do this, you must continuously promote your site [ ] in order to recruit new affiliates who will make your network grow.

You’ve got nothing to lose, the system is free and can

only bring you numerous free clicks on the banner of

your choice using viral traffic.

Amending your banner:

You can add and amend your banner within your network as often as you like. Your changes will be instantly saved across

all the sites in your network.

However, you must not add banners for adult sites or illegal sites, if you do we will delete them and de-activate your



In any case if you try to do this, the other members (your affiliates) in your network will respond immediately by

refusing to promote your banner and you will therefore

lose the main benefit of the system – viral traffic.


To promote your site [ ]

you can use every legal means (no spam!): exchanges of

links and banners, pay per click, affiliation etc …

It’s enough to send visitors to you personal site: with this link

leading to the home page of your site.

If you wish you can also download banners here: ,

that you can host on your site. You can also create your

own …


The name of your site _( contained in your url )lets us

assign the affiliates that register through your site to your network.

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Viral marketing and viral advertising,

(buzzwords), refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in

brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives

(such as product sales) through self-replicating viral

processes, analogous to the spread of virus or

computer viruses. It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet.[1] Viral promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive

Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software,

images, or even text messages.

The goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to identify individuals with high

Social Networking Potential (SNP) and create viral messages that appeal to this segment of the population and have a high probability of being taken by another competitor.

The term “viral marketing” has also been used pejoratively

to refer to stealth marketing campaigns—the unscrupulous

use of astroturfing on-line combined with undermarket advertising in shopping centers to create the impression of spontaneous word of mouth enthusiasm.[2]


Broadcast Your Banner to
Millions of Internet Surfers…
Every Month…For Free

Would you like to own your own advertisement network,
which will grow every day, where you can publish
your own ads, affiliations, links etc… for Free

f I gave you the opportunity to become less dependent on advertisement networks, pay-per-click, rules, affiliations, exchanges of links etc … wouldn’t you feel more free?And also perhaps a bit richer since you would not have to spend large sums of moneyand time publicising your website … 


If you have already used the various ad networks, you will

also know that your ads can be cancelled from one day to

the next, that the rates can go up without warning or that

you can pay for fictitious visitors from click fraud

The solution?

Develop YOUR own ad network with the following


Totally free, easy to put into place, no programming required
Once launched, there is no longer any need to research websites

– it develops itself each day
Virtually unlimited potential to develop itself over the years
No reciprocal link constraining access to your site
The ability to publish banners of your choice without

being judged or banned (unless illegal)
The ability to change your banner on the network as

often as you like
Hosting of your network on a dedicated server, with unlimited bandwidth and traffic!
etc …

How does it work ?

I’ t’s very simple – your network is based on the proven

model of Multiple Level Network Marketing, there is nothing illegal and it’s all FREE. We simply use the incredible

power of development through Viral Marketing from this method…

How can you get started?

Signup via the form at the bottom of this page.

You will then own your own site like this one, in your name.

You add YOUR banner ad into your account. Your banner

will replace banner N°1 on this page and the other

banners will go down – N°2 replaces N°3, la N°3 replaces

N°4 and the last banner N°5 at the bottom will disappear off the page …

You promote your new site, containing your banner in first place, in order to recruit as many new affiliates as possible.

Viral Traffic at

viral traffic