Run Business on Mobile Phones from $14 – Menus, Forwarding, etc. Positive Power – What is ‘DWYSYWD’?

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Run Business on Mobile Phones from $14 – Menus, Forwarding, etc.

Positive Power – What is


1-Minute Weekly Prescription of Positive Power!


***Positive Pills of the Week***


Pill #1 – STUPID, NAÏVE, OR WISE? — AND CONSERVING ENERGY “The stupid neither forgive or forget. The naïve forgive and forget. The wise forgive but do not forget.” -Thomas Szasz, M.D. Psychiatrist and Author ——————— “It takes only 17 muscles to smile and it takes 47 muscles to frown.” Why waste energy?”


Pill #2 – THE TEN MOST IMPORTANT WORDS IN ANY LOVING RELATIONSHIP “1. Trust 2. Intimacy 3. Communication 4. Commitment 5. Love 6. Friendship 7. Patience 8. Humor 9. Flexibility 10. Forgiveness” Source: “Love” by, Gregory J.P Godek


*** Positive Shot of the Week ***



>From the moment the attack began on September 11, 2001, Rudolph Giuliani, the Mayor of New York City, seemed to be everywhere giving his fellow New Yorkers a shoulder to lean on. He seemed to be tireless. But no one could possibly blame Mayor Giuliani if he had forgotten about Diane Gorumba during this time.


Diane’s mother had met the mayor at her son’s wake. Michael Gorumba, a New York City firefighter, died of a heart attack while he was on duty on August 28, 2001. At Michael’s wake, Diane’s mom tearfully explained to Mayor Giuliani that Diane no longer had a father, grandfather, or, now, a brother to give her away at her wedding. Mom asked the mayor if he would help the family by giving her daughter away at the September 16 ceremony. The mayor said he would be honored. Then September 11 . . .


On Diane’s wedding day — a Sunday afternoon just five days after the disaster — everyone in St. James Lutheran Church in Brooklyn was hoping that the mayor didn’t forget The groom, a New York City police officer, took his place at the altar. Five minutes later, those waiting inside the church heard cheers coming from those outside the church. The mayor had arrived as he promised he would. He had been standing up for an entire city for five straight days and now he was going to stand up for Diane Gorumba. Behind the beautiful bride, her elderly grandmother whispered, “God bless you, Rudy. God bless you, Rudy.” — adapted from a story in the Los Angeles Times


- Joe DePalma and

Positive Power – What is ‘DWYSYWD’?


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