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STEP #2. Personalize Your Affiliate Tools

You need your JVZoo Affiliate ID number to get started.


Here’s how to get it:


1. Login to JVZoo

2. Select “My Account” from the Menu

3. Click “My Account” from the drop-down

4. Look for the heading on the next page “Affiliate Information

5. You will see Your Affiliate ID (it’s just a number)

6. Enter it in the white box BELOW

7. Click “Personalize Affliate Tools!” to create your unique affiliate link and promo tools






Here are all the done for you promos you need to make money;


Paste these onto Facebook, your blog or email them out.


Refer to the 7-Figure Franchise members area for traffic training and detailed steps on the “free Facebook method”.













PROMO #10.


PROMO #11.


PROMO #12.


PROMO #13.


PROMO #14.


PROMO #15.



STEP #3. See Product & Funnel

What Is The Commission Machine?

I started noticing dropping open-rates, clickthru rates and profits from my affiliate promos.

So I started hunting for answers.

What I found changed my business. I dubbed it “The Commission Machine” – it’s a series of proven steps that changed everything.

I made tons more sales, got masses of praise for my promos, got approached by legends of IM to teach them and had a ton more fun in the process.

I used the method to make sales from my list and just by posting stuff on FB and my blog (no ads) – very appealing to newbies.

So I revealed my methods to a select few of my students and they got kick-ass results punching above their weight and dominating affiliate leaderboards.

Before long I was teaching this stuff to all my closest IM buddies and realized it was a product in the making.

And The Commission Machine was born.

The Front-End is the $19.95 Commission Machine – this is a series of step-by-step video tutorials which show people exactly how to build their own “commission machine” using my patented “R.A.P.I.D.” process. (Research, Angle, Provide Incentive, Deploy). They can even do this without a list.

The first upsell is “The Golden Ticket” ($27/mo. or $197 lifetime). This gives buyers the unique opportunity to join me behind the scenes in the “Commission Machine” Factory and watch me create an entire affiliate promotion live on their screen (monthly webinar). Every “machine” that’s built is then given to Golden Ticket members to use as their own. The downsell gives them recordings of the webinars and all produced “commission machines” just not live access to the webinars. ($17/mo. or $124 lifetime)

The second upsell ($97) is a Done-for-you Service which gives buyers 7 done-for-you commission machines ready to deploy. This includes all messages / emails, bonus items and strategy. They simply copy and paste (into their blog / Facebook / autoresponder) and make commissions.










(c) Copyright. Michael Cheney. All rights reserved.

The Commission Machine
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From the Desk of Michael Cheney

Dear Fellow Marketer,

By now you’ve probably been around the “internet marketing block” a few times am I right?

It can be rough out there.

I should know – I’ve been making a full-time living online since the year 1999. (I’ve made over $7 million in this time, much of it in commissions just promoting other people’s stuff).

And you know the one question I get asked more than anything else from fresh-off-the-turnip-truck newbies?

It’s this:-
“What’s The Quickest and Easiest Way to
Make Serious Money Online?”

I could lie and tell you there’s only one “magical” way to do this and all the others are crap.

maze-mediumI could tell you my way is the only way which works.

Or that you’ve been lied to, you’re failing and it’s not your fault.

But let’s leave those tired old cliches to the other guys.

The truth is this;

There are countless ways to make serious money on the internet.

You just need to pick one, stick with it and apply it until you get results.

But this is where the problem comes in;

Because you don’t have 12 hours a day to invest into learning and applying a method.


If you’re like most people I know you probably have less than an hour a day to grow your online earnings.

Which is why I was like a kid at Christmas in a candy store when;
“I Discovered This New Money-Making Method
Which is Making Countless No-Name Newbies
Thousands and Thousands of Dollars…”

proof1-med2It wasn’t the thousands of dollars a day it made which got me pumped.

Although that was cool.

And it wasn’t the fact complete greenhorn newbies were taking this method and making money literally within hours of getting their hands on it.

(Although seeing their excited smiles on Skype and Facebook was a picture!)

You’ll see countless screenshots on this page of my earnings using this method and the staggering earnings from no-name newbies too.

All you have to do is copy this method, paste it into your business and count the moolah comin’ out the other side.

But the most exciting part of all is this;
“You Can Do This Right Now Without Any Experience
or Budget Whatsoever And All It Takes
Is A Few Minutes A Day…”


In just a few minutes a day you can start seeing results like the other guys you see on this page;

You can be making several hundred if not several thousand dollars per day using this new method.

It’s powerful.

It works.

And it changes everything.

And the very fact you are on this page right now is evidence enough you need this.
“But You Need to Act Fast
Because Your Dreaded $0.00 Days
Won’t Go Away on Their Own…”

0-salesAffiliate marketing has fallen on hard times of time – you must have noticed;

* You’re facing more and more competition

* You’re getting less and less clicks

* You’re getting less attention than ever before

* You’re making fewer sales than ever before

All of which means – less money for you.

It sucks.

Frankly, you’re being ignored.

And it hurts.

In fact – Kipling D. Williams, a professor of psychological sciences, ran a study that showed being ignored hurts even more than a physical injury but it gets worse because…
“You Are Being Ignored in the Marketplace
– It’s Hurting Your Ego AND Your Wallet…”

As you know by now – it’s hard to get noticed out there.

But it’s not for lack of trying.

From posting blogs and Facebook updates to sending emails and recording YouTube reviews – the end result is often the same.

Wasted time and no commissions.


Nobody wants that.

So the big question here is…
“What Makes an Affiliate Successful?”

It’s no accident.

All my earnings you see over on the right came from following a simple process.

I call it the R.A.P.I.D. income formula.

When you use this you make money.


You can become a successful super affiliate using this because it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your messages get seen, your messages get clicks and your messages get sales.

And remember – you can do all of this even if you don’t have a list.

Using this formula sets you apart from all the other “me too” affiliates.

Prospects love this.

Prospects are attracted to this.

And they bring their wallets.
“It’s A Shame For You Not To Make Good Money
When This Makes It So Gosh-Darned Easy…”
“FREEZE! Here’s Why You Should Listen To Me…”

It sucks to be down in the gutter looking up at the stars.

I used to look up at the top of all those leaderboards of super affiliates making thousands in a day, winning Rolexes, gadgets and big cash prizes and be so jealous I’d nearly puke.

Now I am one of those super affiliates.

Feast your eyes on just some of the “swag” I’ve won doing this.

Yes. I won a Rolex Submariner in an affiliate contest.

And a boat in another.

And you can start dominating the leaderboards too.

You don’t even need a list (I show you how inside The Commission Machine video training modules).

You can buck the downward trend in affiliate marketing right now.

You just need to implement the right process.

Just like I did and the guys I taught did as you’ve seen by now on this page.
“Don’t Envy the Super Rich – Join Them…”

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you how I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 1999.

And how I’m the best thing since sliced bread…

And why you’d be a doofus not to listen to what I have to teach you.

I’m not gonna do that. Instead I’m going to let you judge for yourself by casting your eyes over to the right of what you’re reading right now.

Those are just a sample of some of the affiliate marketing contests I’ve competed in recently.

And sure – anyone could photoshop that stuff but I beg of you, if you’re cynical about who I am and my credentials in the Super Affiliate world then reach out to any of these guys.

Contact Omar Martin and ask about how I’ve dominated his big launches recently.

Reach out to Anik Singal and ask him about how I won a Rolex watch for topping the leaderboard in his affiliate contest.

Ask John Thornhill how I’ve crushed it as an affiliate for his products.

Upshot: the method I use works. And now it’s your turn to use the same method.
“Everywhere People Are Raving About This
New Breakthrough Money Method
And So Will YOU When You Discover…”

smalltickWhat super affiliates know about getting more clicks from free traffic that others don’t (and how to use this secret right away even if you’re a newbie)

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smalltickA scientifically proven way to uncover products which will bank you the most greenbacks. (It’s right under most people’s noses but they just don’t see it.)

smalltickThe new insider’s way of creating affiliate promos which gets you noticed, gets you fans and gets you sales. (Even if you don’t have a list)

smalltickThe incredible affiliate marketing secret (used by cavemen) that converts even the coldest and most skeptical prospects into a molten hot buyers.

smalltickWhy it’s affiliate suicide to talk about the product in your promos (There’s a hidden reason this will kill your commissions, here’s what to do instead)
“You’re Also Getting Your Hands On These
Money-Making Insider Secrets…”


A secret “cookie jar” marketing method that’s so powerful, you can triple your commissions using it on a single promo.

smalltickIs there a best way to make commissions from Facebook without spending any money? (Someone asked this great question. Yes there is and here’s my answer.)

smalltick11 clever ways (used by some of the richest super affiliates on the planet) to get people to buy through your link (Some of these are a little strange but they all work like gangbusters.)

smalltickThe one kind of affiliate marketing tactic to use if you absolutely MUST make $1000 commissions this month (HINT: It’s fast, free and fun to do)

smalltickHow to rake in lots of easy commissions even if you don’t have a list or money to spend on ads (here’s a foolproof way to hit paydirt, fast)
“I’m Literally Forcing You to Make Money Whether
You Like Or Not Because You’ll Also Learn…”


2642A stealthy way to win Leaderboard contests (Outsiders think this is lots of work but to the secret is – it’s an absolute cake walk.)

smalltickThe shocking truth about why people choose to buy from one affiliate and not another. (Learn this secret and you can double your sales overnight – many have.)

smalltick7 ways to create promos that sell (do this right and you’ll never waste your time creating “dead turkey” affiliate campaigns ever again)

smalltickThe #1 EASIEST way to make hands-free commissions ever invented. (This is worth ten times the “entry fee” on its own.)

smalltickPlay-by-play, the exact sequence you need to follow to become a 5-figure a month super affiliate (I literally spill every last money-making bean for you on this one)

And mucho, mucho more besides…

“From Struggling to $2500 a Day Without Spending Any Money or Having to Build a Huge List.”

“I went from struggling to $1500 to $2500 or more a day without spending any money on ads or having to build a huge list. You don’t have to spend money with this system – you just make a couple of easy tweaks.

Every single person that I’ve seen who uses this system has got results – even people with no list because there’s a ‘no list method’ in there which shows you how to do it. It’s not a one-off thing either – you can do this every single time and generate commissions for you like clockwork.” – Naidy Phoon, Malaysia
“I Made $218.88 in 24 Hours Applying One Tactic”

Ok, so I will tell you up front that until today, the most I had ever made on JVZoo was perhaps $20 at any one point in time.

Thank you for this excellent product and training.

I can’t wait to really start going at this hard.

I’m sure I didn’t do it quite perfectly yet, but I was really happy with the results. can only imagine when I really start doing it properly.” – Bruce Nelson
“I Made $431.58 in 1 Day Without Spending Anything on Ads”

“I killed my 10 sales goal by 4pm.

And I went on to make $431.58 – a good way to end the day.

I did all this just by posting one time my Facebook timeline.

I made one post – that was it.” – Michael Angel Martin
“$674.95 in 48 Hours”

“I watched all the videos, applied the awesome methods and bam – $674.95 in 48 hours.

What do you have to say about this dear Commission Machine Family Members?

It all comes down to one simple process. Just keep moving guys…. and results will come.” – Shabbir Ahmed Khan
“I Just Made $180.68 in 9 Hours…”

“I bought the course, it worked for me it will work for you very quickly. I’m not a rocket scientist, I’m just a normal cat. The tactics Cheney teaches inside the Commission Machine are really awesome. It works. It will get you quick results.” – Kam Jennings
“$4483 in Four Days Applying One Strategy”

Ben Shaffer has a publishing business and spends most of his time producing books.

He’s not big into affiliate marketing, doesn’t promote every day and doesn’t have a gigantic list like the super affiliates out there.

So he was delighted when he applied just one of the strategies I taught him and pulled in $4,483 in the space of four days.
“I’m Really Impressed. This Is Implementable by Anyone.”

What he’s doing is really simple.

He didn’t hold anything back – really sincere and authentic.

He has a whole lot of experience and sometimes you need someone like Michael to point you the way.

I really love what he’s doing now.

This is practical and implementable.” – Marlon Sanders
“You’ll Bank Heavy Commissions If You Take Action On This”

“It’s a breath of fresh air to see a complete product like this.

Michael reveals his patented rapid formula that you can quickly implement to generate massive commissions at will.

This course is top notch and almost guarantees that you’ll crush leaderboards and bank heavy commissions and that’s if you take action on the methods that he teaches.

So if you’re on the fence get off right now and be sure to invest in the Commission Machine.” – Keith Simpson
“$296.88 in 48 Hours”

“Hi Michael just an update for you.

Yesterday I made $126.40.

Today I made $170.48.

That’s a total of $296.88 in 48 hours and – do I need to mention I was making no money prior to this?

Lol.” – Mark Dayton
“$983.47 in Less Than 72 Hours”

“We just started working with Michael… and wanted to work with a proven leader… and it made all the difference in the world.

We’ve never been on leaderboards for affiliate promotions but we finished #6 in the Top 10.

You have to find guys who have what you want and know what you need to know. Michael is one of those guys.” – Eric Green & Ray Dietrich
“One Step I Learned Paid For My Ticket On The First Day”

“It’s very fresh and has all the steps without leaving anything out.

He shows you a common mistake that many of us make and how to correct it.

This one step alone paid for my ticket on the first day. This is a real goldmine here.

He shows you how you can have a full calendar of money coming in every day using his formula and… how to use a super secret marketing method, apply it to your promotion and triple your income on just that one event.

I highly recommend this product to anyone doing or wanting to do affiliate marketing.” – Joe the Goat Farmer
“I Made $14,952 in a Single Week”

“Michael is a real, honest, genuine guy.

A recent joint promotion we did earned us nearly $15,000 in a single week and multiple thousands in recurring commissions just with a few little tweaks made from Michael.

Michael’s Commission Machine is absolutely jam-packed with loads of techniques and strategies used to make big commissions for anyone. Even if you’re just starting out.

I’ve personally been through every single step of Michael’s Commission Machine and I can say 100%, without any shadow of a doubt, that it will help anybody make big commissions (even if you’re just starting out).” – Dave Nicholson
“I Made $171.47 on My Day Off”

“Michael I’m so happy.

Yesterday I took a self-imposed “day off”.

And you won’t believe what happened.

I made $171.47 using the Commission Machine.

I’m delighted with this money.

And also v. happy with the speed I got results!” – Carrie Medford
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Takes minutes.


Fast and easy.



The Commission Machine
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I know this works. And all the people who’ve used this also know it works.

But you might be skeptical and that’s perfectly normal. I get that.

So you can come on board, apply the method and judge for yourself.

You can have this cranking today.

But I’ll go even further than that and give you 30 days to try the whole thing out.

If, for whatever reason, you want your money back just let us know before the 30 days is passed and you’ll get a no quibble, no questions asked refund.


That’s right…

I will give you a complete refund no matter what the reason.

Because that’s how confident I am that this will work for you just like it’s worked for everyone else who’s followed the simple steps.

Everyone who follows the steps get results.


Because it works. Every time.

It’s like painting by numbers. It just doesn’t get any easier than this.
YES – I Want To Make Serious Money Starting TODAY

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The Commission Machine

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Frankly, at this price, you’ll be one of thousands of people discovering this strategy.

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The question is – do YOU want to be one of them?

Now is your time.

By now – you know you want this.

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You’re getting access in just a few seconds from now and trust me – you are going to love it.

Here’s to you making more money and more commissions today!

Michael Cheney

P.S. You are one click away from breaking through right now.

When I started trying to learn how to do affiliate marketing and make serious commissions there wasn’t anything like this training program to help me.

Sure – there was information out there.

But nothing from a real veteran of the game.

A battle-hardened affiliate warrior who’d earned millions in commissions.

But now there is – and you’re looking at it. It’s called The Commission Machine.

So you have a choice;

You can try and do all this on your own and make a lots of costly mistakes OR…

You can get the simple, step-by-step method right now and immediately breakthrough to making serious money as an affiliate.

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smalltickYES. Please give me immediate access to all seven of “The Commission Machine” video training modules for the low, one-time investment of just $19.95.

smalltick YES. I understand I am short-cutting thousands of hours of painstaking research, trial and error by getting my hands on this battle-tested and proven method for making big commissions even if I don’t have a list or money to spend on ads.

smalltickYES. I understand you’re giving me the complete 7-Module video training program in a easy to copy and deploy, step-by-step format.

smalltick YES. I want immediate access to this groundbreaking strategy right away so I can start applying it today and finally start making money as an affiliate.

smalltick YES. I understand you will also be granting me exclusive access to LIVE training events to give me a deeper and richer understanding of the strategy and to generate income even faster.

There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab The Commission Machine training RIGHT NOW for just the small, ONE-TIME, ONE-OFF investment of just $19.95.

I have a FULL 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, and nobody is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.
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The Commission Machine

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Keywords to use/add directly on your Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing,, Bing or other pay-per-click search engines – USE ABOVE KEYWORDS:


Bid range: $1.27 to $1.87 per click
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Copy This Ad to Use:


Campaign Settings (“Edit Settings”) – make sure both Search network is ON and Content network is ON.


Important: Use Your Own Domain & Our Free Landing Page
…Plus Why Getting Your Own Domain Will Make You More Money via pay per click!


This is where you will be making a lot more money by getting your own domain (or “dot com”) to promote Easy Retired Millionaire. Then, just use our landing pages on your domain OR make your own review pages containing your affiliate link inside. One of the key reasons to get your own domain is because search engines like Google only allow one unique domain for a keyword. With your own domain, this rule will not limit you. Now, you are guaranteed to get an ad placement and thus traffic!

Please watch this video that walks you through. LEAKED straight from our member’s area.


*VERY IMPORTANT for Pay-per-click:*


Not getting traffic? GET YOUR OWN DOMAIN TO FIX THIS!





Our free landing pages + How to setup your own domain EASY


FREE HELP For YOU: Yes, first COPY how we promote this… take action first – then after you send traffic, if you’re not hitting serious profits – just email our affiliate coach – who is there to guide you to ensure success!


FREE HELP: If you have any problems after running the ad campaign above i.e. ads not getting clicks, disapproved ads, etc – just let us know and we’ll help you fix it to start getting traffic to your affiliate link.


Most importantly, never stop expanding and adding more keywords to find endless, untapped profits.

WARNING: If you advertise on Google, we strongly urge you not to promote on keywords related to ‘google’ or ‘adwords’ or even having such phrases inside. Google does not like this just to keep their brand safe and may take away your account if you violate this. If you do want to use these keywords to profit – use them ONLY on Yahoo and MSN Bing but never Google. Got it?


Here’s a killer campaign for you to copy as well:


Adgroup: Affiliate Marketing Tips


Destination URL: For Yahoo and Bing, you may use your standard affiliate link if you do direct linking. For Google, you should defiitely get your own domain – see video on how.

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